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    7th Heaven Poster
    T-Bone feels a bit insecure to learn the only thing stopping Ruthie from having her tattoo with his name removed by a doctor is lack of money while her parents firmly refuse to help pay and she is reluctant to take a job for her skin-integrity. When T-Bone generously offers to pay 'feeling somehow responsible' both Camden parents are lividly disgusted she dares agreeing and taking money he needs to get into college, and order her to take a job immediately to pay every cent alone. Lucy and Kevin find the church of her potential own parish, Crossroads, is inside the bar annex grocery store and school, there's about 27 inhabitants and Kevin would be offered the sheriff's star, appealing to the ex-cop. The Asian doctor who runs the complex cum church explains the parish gets about 100 worshipers from four church-less counties and different denominations, a town law stipulates residents must study and work there, all children are fostered because their real parents are in prison, the reverend's couple should act as their 'group parents'. Mac blurts out to Haley that Martin has no game that day, so she makes him admit his white lie in order to have a day off and hoped to spend it with Jane, reproaching Martin to dodge babysitting their baby-son Aaron as if her weeks of leisure didn't count. Jane is not amused to learn Margaret helps Mac writing his English assignment, and is obviously romantically interested in the cute kid; Eric tells Margaret she should concentrate on going to college, Mac agrees and declares like-liking her. Kevin is eager to move to the challenging parish, Lucy feels it's an awfully big one to chew, the locals hope they move in. Eric also assures T-Bone he is not at all obliged to stay with selfish Ruthie unless he really wants, let alone take any blame for her own stupidity.