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    7th Heaven Poster
    Now Annie is away for four weeks, Eric wakes up with a stiff neck but already promised the twins to sleep a night in a tent in the garden- not so easy as it sounds, especially when the dog Happy goes missing, actually tagging along with Kevin's canines. Kevin couldn't turn down his brother Ben who wants to came spend time with them, but Lucy isn't ready for any visitors yet, so he stays with Eric, whom he assures he can safely straighten his neck having nurse training- a painful mistake. When the twins' attractive young teacher Margo makes a pass at Eric, the principal laughs away the very thought: the old goat must misinterpret. Lucy changes her mind and decides to get the guest room ready for Ben to stay in 'any time'. Eric's cardiologist has crushing news. Eric publicly rages at Margo's unacceptable immorality and takes his kids away, then insists to pig out with unhealthy food as a fake birthday and even lets Ben give him another neck-crack. Lucy smells a rat.