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    7th Heaven Poster
    Lucy Camden Kinkirk tells two girls they won't get access to the pregnancy home apartments, neither trough her nor Annie, but such cheap rent remains a prize worth fighting for. When Reverend Eric Camden's car breaks down, he learns that T-bone, the movie ticket sales-boy who has a crush for Lucy, is actually a courageous abandoned kid, now out of a home. When the snooty girls turn up at the house, they tell T-bone is a high-school boy called Theodore; Eric lets them stay for one night till Annie returns, even after he found out they smoke pot. Annie gets real surprises when back early, and insists it's for the pastors to find a solution for the floozies. Sandy makes Eric listen over the phone to her boyfriend Daniel, who she now believes to want nothing then loveless sex and housekeeping comfort, while he recalls his up-front intentions, then Martin barges in. T-bone insists he can't stay or he'll spill the beans as long as Eric hasn't told the family about his heart problems, which he guessed after witnessing Kevin's sacrificed trousers, but Eric only tells Annie about his intention to keep home-teaching the twins, his last change not to be a mainly absent parent.