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    La bola de cristal  Poster
    This program for kids was composed by four parts. The first part was titled "Los electroduendes" and was a puppet show for kids. This part was hosted by Isabel Bauza. The second part was titled "El librovisor" and it was dedicated to the heroes of the Classic Greece. This part was hosted by Olvido Gara. In the same part they usually broadcasted a music videoclip. The third part was a series chapter. In the first and second season, "Our gang". In the third season, "The Munsters", and in the fourth and last season, "Bewitched". Finally the fourth part was simply titled "La cuarta parte" ("The fourth part"). This part was a documental for teens hosted by Javier Gurruchaga. The fourth part wasn't in the original program and came later. Written by Anonymous