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    La lance de la destinée  Poster
    At a construction site in Paris, a landslide reveals a crypt, and an ancient diary. A man - supposed to be dead for over 200 years - is found injured with the Lance of Longinus, the same spear that pierced the body of Jesus on the cross. History specialist Sophia Beranger is consulted. But she is not the only one who is interested in the case: the Essenians, a secret society, reappear from the past to cover up the mystery. Sophia's brother Erick wants to find the lance, for his personal power. Sophia's father ends by burning the diary, either to protect her, or for reasons he keeps for himself. Sophia tries her best to unveil the mystery of immortality for the benefit of mankind, but suddenly, a number of violent deaths take place around her - and she is the ultimate target. Written by Artemis-9