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    Paji Special Poster
    Paji ~Jīji to Magomusume no Aijō Monogatari ~ (TV Tokyo Drama Special, Winter 2013) is the live adaptation of the slice-of-life manga by Murakami Takashi (Stargazing Dog, Namekemono ga Miteta). It stars veteran actor Ito Shiro as Sakita Mokichi, a widower grandpa who has to raise and care for his 5 year old granddaughter Momo (Kobayashi Seiran). Momo's father died when she was three, and just recently, she also lost her mother Sakura (Mimura), Mokichi-san's only daughter, to an illness. Not only that, Mokichi-san's health is not so great, and the company he works for is having financial trouble. Life seems hard for Mokichi-san who at his age of 71, is supposed to be enjoying his twilight years. And yet, watching Momo grow up, learn new things, make new friends, and smiling happily make life a lot less gray. With him are his long-time friends Haru-san (Yoshiyuki Kazuko) and Date-san (Ibu Masato) who help him watch over little Momo. Despite the hardships, he enjoys being a "Paji" (Papa + Ojii-chan). But then, Momo's well-off paternal grandparents come to visit one day. They just came from abroad and wants to adopt Momo... This SP also features a special guest appearance by Inoue Mao as the grown-up Momo.