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    Saito-san Poster
    Wakaba Mano (Mimura) and her husband Toru (Kuranosuke Sasaki) recently bought a house and moved to the Tokyo suburbs. Wakaba had a tough time because of her freespirited son Takeru (Shinon Hirano) who made her isolated from other gossiping mothers in his former kindergarten. In this new town, Wakaba is so determined to blend in with the others. One day, Wakaba met Saitou-san (Arisa Mizuki) a 30-year-old housewife. Since her husband is always abroad for business, she is responsible for protecting her only son Junichi’s future. Junichi goes to the same kindergarten as Takeru, where other parents all seem to avoid SAITOU san because she is too straightforward. For Saitou-san, what is wrong is wrong. She is never afraid of confronting bad mannered people. The righteous, dignified lone mother Saitou-san’s way of life gradually influences Wakaba and the other people in town.